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About us

The Lash Boutique in Lake Havasu City, is owned by Wendy Springberg, a long time resident of Lake Havasu.  She's an expert in application techniques and is certified by Minkys and Chez Lash Co. When you choose eyelash extensions from The Lash Boutique, in Lake Havasu City,  you can rest assure in the knowledge that the products and procedures used are of the highest quality and at the most current levels of health and safety standards. 


When working around such an important, engaging and sensitive area of the body such as the eye it is imperative that the highest standards of care and quality are adhered to. This is why getting your eyelash extensions done at The Lash Boutique in Lake Havasu City, is a set above the rest.  We have the most expansive and in depth knowledge in the field and have conducted extensive research into the safest and most effective way to complete the service.


Our unique adhesive bond and the choice of eyelash extensions The Lash Boutique uses is from a trusted and well researched manufacturer. We have personally investigated a range of potential processes and are confident that our adhesive and eyelash extensions are the safest and most reliable in the current marketplace. You'll find that you won't feel a difference between your actual eylashes and the eyelash extensions.  Our quality is never compromised!  




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